Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anzac Biscuits - An Aussie favourite!

This delicious recipe is contributed by Tanya and I can fully vouch for her cookies, they are chewy and tasty and I love these cookies made by her. She often bring biscuits and slices to work and it is soooooooo good!!!...If you haven't got a Tanya at your work,  these cookies are available all year around in Australian supermarkets but more so on Anzac Day!



Photos and Recipe courtesy of Tanya Pearce. 

ANZACS (chewy)

1 cup Plain Flour
1 cup Rolled Oats
1 cup Coconut
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
125g Butter
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
2 tbps Water
1 tsp BiCarb Soda

1.  Preheat oven to 160c.
2.  Sift flour into bowl, stir in oats, coconut and sugar.
3.  Place butter, golden syrup and water into a small saucepan and stir over medium heat until melted.
4.  Stir bi-carb into liquid off the heat.
5.  Pour liquid mixture into flour mix and stir well.
6.  Place out on tray and press down with fork.
7.  Bake for approximately 10 mins or until golden brown.
8.  Allow to cool on baking tray for approximately 5 mins before transferring onto wire rack.


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