Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wonton Noodles with prawn dumpling soup

In all honesty, I am being very critical here as this is one of my favourite noodle but this dish was inedible.

It was too salty from over saucing. The prawn dumpling was beautiful but I couldn't enjoy the soup because it was too salty and oily. I ate it coz I was hungry. Given the choices and variety of noodles, it makes one wonders how this dish got featured in the in room dining menu. Very dissappointing.

The meat by the way was chicken, no pork is served in this hotel. Fair enough, I am not a fan of pork.

Really guys, how did this meal meet the standards? I should have put this on the not so yummy stuff list...the prawn dumpling was the best part of the dish.


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