Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thai Food @ Pavilion Food court

Saturday afternoon, my sister picked us up and we went over to Pavilion for lunch. I had the best Thai food at lunch time at Pavilion for $11.00 MYR. That is like, a four dollar lunch in Aussie dollars! This is another massive food court. I prefer food court dining as I can get fast food for the boy and an Asian dish for myself.

I ordered Set A which consists of Thai Fried rice, fried chicken, spicy sour soup and mixed stirfried veges. I also got a papaya salad on the side. The soup was delightful, sour and very spicy hot, almost like assam pedas. The fried rice and fried chicken was edible.

The chicken was crispy and chewy due to the deep fried marinated batter. I love that it was showered in thinly sliced onions and fresh chillies with lime juice. I especially loved the papaya salad as it was so refreshing and yummy. This is a very basic Thai meal. To my taste, it was the best meal ever in the food court category.

There was also a Dessert Stall in the centre of food court. I was going to try the Ice kacang but refrained myself due to my cough. I had a hot dessert instead (Red bean bubur) I still prefer my mum's bubur cha cha or her green bean bubur. This was a bit bland. I forgot to take a pix of the dessert, sorry ;(

My sister ordered the green bean and seafood sambal dish from the next stall.


heed said...

Looks awesome... dern you kids not taking photo's of dessert!

Take me some pics of things that have pastries... wonton type stuff aye!!

C'mon woman - make me more hungry and I'm yours forever lol!

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