Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penang Nutmeg

Hi all, I am home at last... it feels really weird .....except for the family and friends and my food blog and the memory of the bumpy plane rides, and my picking up my dogs from the kennel, it doesn't feel like I have been gone at all...

Anyway, I finished unpacking my suitcase yesterday and went thru my bag of goodies. Today, I am enjoying some pickled nutmeg, a gift from a dear friend who lives in Penang. Penang has always been famous for its Assam Laksa, Char Kway Teow for example. However, not many westerners are aware that Penang is also famous for its nutmeg.

My family used to venture into Penang every weekend and I remember my mum buying these nutmeg by the packets as we would gift them them to every other relatives. I love the dried, powdery ones, but these pickled and preserved sliced nutmegs are also available in sweet, sour and there you go, I love nutmegs and that is why I am called Nuttymeg on this blog...LOL ;)

Below are pix of nutmeg on a cute plate that I bought overseas.


MaryMoh said...

That brings back a lot of sweet memories. Ate lots of this when I was in of my fvaourites.

heed said...

Wow - they look awesome!
Did you know nutmeg is a stimulant (think caffine)?

Hope you declared those!

Nuttymeg said...

Yup, I declared everything coming thru.

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