Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Rojak


Any kind of fruits you like, some examples below.

  • green papaya
  • pineapple
  • green apple
  • green mango
  • jambu air
Hae ko ( shrimp paste) err, it looks black like molasses, taste of shrimp, made from concentrated shrimp. You can get this in any GOOD Asian grocer. In melbourne, try the Vietnamese grocer, bought it there once.

Grounded peanuts.

Blended or chopped up chilli padi ( baby chilli hot in Australian supermarkets )

Mix wet ingredients for dipping sauce.
Chopped up fruits.
Served and eat.

See, I have mixed up my rojak sauce to my bowl of fruits.


heed said...

Ohhhhkaay... I'm totally there except for the shrimp sauce... Can I trade it in for a nice strong rum caramel or something?

Been drinking homebrews all Australia Day and cooked up charred meat on the BBQ for dinner... I suppose If I get a "Southern Cross" tattoo and punch the wife I could be more Australian, but I'm scared she'll punch me back!

Nuttymeg said...

Dude, food punching allowed.

heed said...


Seriously though - all just jokes!

I'm pretty sure it would be more Irish than Australian anyway.

Oh toh toh toh!

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