Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chennai Restaurant, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Hi all, been absent from blog for few days due to my travel back to my hometown. I had a small reunion with some of my very good friends from school. It was a blast, thoroughly enjoyable. The food was okay, nothing spectacular, the company was excellent! We were such a noisy bunch, it was funny and comical to see our old friends, we were transported back to Form Five. We looked a little older but our characters and traits are still the same.

We opted for Chennai Restaurant which caters Indian foods. I was still suffering from sorethroat, it came back, maybe too much chillies? So I ordered some watermelon juice and the mint julep.

It was veery cooling and refreshing. We ordered mutton briyani, naan breads, tandoori chicken, fish curry and vege curry and some other chicken stuff. I only took a few pix of the food coz the lighting was very dimmed in the restaurant. Our waiter Akhbar was very cute. He was totally hot! Yes, I definitely think Akhbar is Great!


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