Sunday, December 13, 2009

What is Fruit Mince Pies?

If you are like me, and have never ever touch or tasted a fruit mince pie before, you should go get one now....quickly! It is delicious! OMG! How would I describe it? The biscuit base is crumbly and so yummy and buttery, the fruit compote is sweet and spicy at the same time, not chilli hot and spicy, just aromatic spicy.

You know like it has cinnamon and nutmeg and stuff... I'm eating one right now and I've just bitten into a mandarin or a lime bit...Good Lord, it's like all the citrus food is having a disco in my mouth....I am kicking myself for not daring to try this earlier on.... I mean I have lived overseas since 1987.....err, how long is that? I can't think or count at the moment.... totally focused on this pie! Thank you Lord.....there is six in the pack...yummo...I might have another!

It is Stupendous!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!


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