Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pasar Malam Time!

Hi all! Selamat Datang!

Well, I am home, touched down one hour late on Air AsiaX. I supposed that is to be expected on budget airline. I must say though that this will be the last time that I am flying with them. I felt very squashed in the cattle class....never again I say. Plus midnite flight, or in our case 2 am flight out of Melbourne was a killer flight... so tired the next day.

Not tired enough for durian though. My sis bought a load of durians for me and we feasted... Yummy! Plus first nite home, we went to "pasar malam", which is night market and bought street hawker foods.

Okay before that, I was weakened by the smell of satays grilling in the food court at Pavillion so I bought some satay to go.....yup...weak weak me!

Back to dinner story.....yesy yes I went berserk and bought almost everything on sight...

  • Assam Laksa...err, I actually walloped this one before I remembered about taking food photos... will post another time! Oops!
  • Assam Boi refreshing!
  • Ham chee Ping...with red bean paste
  • Popiah.....
  • Murtabak
  • Chee Chong fun
  • Guava for rojak later... 

Good Lord! And this is only Day One....I haven't even travelled north to Penang yet.....heheheheheh! Here are some pix, not in any order...




Ham Chee Ping and stuff ;)

Catch ya tomorrow..... :) I know I am excited!


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