Sunday, December 27, 2009

I should be so lucky...lucky lucky me!

Today was Day 2 in Singapore and so I was obligated to take the boy to Lucky Plaza to buy his NDS games. One thing that has not changed in Singapore is that every Filipina and Indonesian maids are still hanging out there on their day off.... LOL ;)

It poured down and to make matters worst, I was grumpy coz I had a sore throat and I have a kid that will only eat western foods ie KFC or McDonalds and so I had to feed him first before I go hunting for my own Asian foods. I might spoon feed him fried rice tonite.... Grrrrr!

So anyway, after we walk endlessly from floors to floors and getting lost in the underpasses; we finally made it to Lucky Plaza, I took him to Macca's. Then we took his McDonald's takeway with him and venture upstairs to find my Hainanese Chicken Rice. Found one... it was fantastic! Look at that was superb and I was so hungry and it made me forget about my sorethroat for a while.

I took a pic of some fine look bird hanging around!


Anonymous said...

Nuttymeg! The pix is showing siu-ngoh (roast goose)and siu-yoke, not chicken! All of which is mighty yummy and good too! LOL!

Nuttymeg said...

I know but I had the chicken rice but those also look so good leh and the glazing was fantastic lah!

Anonymous said...

Whatever kind of meat roasted also look good one! :D

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