Saturday, December 26, 2009

Breakfast at Concorde KL

It was International Breakfast buffet at the Concorde KL, and me being the food freak, who has been missing out on all these foods for donkey years; err, let's just say....I went a little berserk but gracefully though at the buffet. I sneaked in some of these shots when no one was watching me... of course I earned one of those looks and groans from my son ...he was like"Mum.....can you sit at another table pleaseeeeeeee, stop taking pix!" Such a party pooper!


Siew Mai Dumplings, also on the plate is Roti Canai

Nasi Lemak


Anonymous said...

This is such great eye candy! The nasi lemak looks so good in the pix one can almost savor the taste.

Nuttymeg said...

It tasted really good too, I am staying there again when I go back to KL. I usually start with the nasi lemak then maybe others if have room ;)

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