Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garlic Prawns version 1.01

LOL ;) I bet that header grabbed your attention neh? Okay so this is my version of garlic prawns with chinese broccoli. The reason for the greens is because I don't eat enough veges.

Plus one would called me "Shortcut Jackie" everything in the wok pls...sambal chilli, fresh chopped garlic...rinsed prawn and broccoli and stir away. This is a meal for the starving, no messing around.. faster than a 3 minute noodles..okay maybe not, but faster than something, I am sure!!! Why the shells, you say? The shells traps all that chilli pesto and it is so much more fun to be sucking these... yummy too! Winks!


The Boss said...

Maybe quick, but it does looks Yummy..

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